Who will film and edit my story?
I don’t outsource any of my work, so if you choose me for your film, I’ll be the person filming you for the pre/post shoot and on your wedding day. I’ll also edit and craft the final film in its entirety.

What is included in the package?
The short answer is every wedding is different, so it’s best to get in touch and give me as much information about your plans as possible. There’s a difference in the package for an elopement for two people close to home compared to a traditional wedding day or destination wedding.

However, all of my packages include a pre wedding shoot (or engagement shoot if you prefer) where we take a couple of hours to half a day to go somewhere epic and film you in a place away from the formality of the wedding day. This provides a contrast in the film from the wedding day, showing you in a different light and providing a rich contrast within the film.

For some people this could be a few months or weeks before the wedding, for others a few days before the wedding (if its a destination wedding or elopement) and some take place after the wedding. The timing doesn’t really matter to me, but you’ll receive your final film quicker if the pre shoot is before the wedding.

How long are you with us on our wedding day?
Again this depends on your plans, but if you book me for your wedding date, I’ll be there from the preparations in the morning to the dancing, and everything in between. For elopements, much of the time there isn’t any dancing, so I’ll just stay until a pre arranged time with you.

I’m also available if you would like me there the day before for the set up and preparations, or the day after if you’re having another get together. I can add that into the package and tailor it for your unique plans.

What do I receive after the wedding?
You’ll receive your wedding film within 8 weeks from the end of filming, and the films you receive will depend on the package you choose. All the packages include a 4 – 8 minute highlights film (these are the films you see on my site).

Then depending on your plans, you can then add on an extended highlights film (15 – 20 minutes), the full ceremony (with high quality audio), the speeches (with high quality audio) and an extra edit of the dancing in the evening. These are all optional, so it’s best to get in touch for more details!

Why don’t you put your prices online?
Honestly, I prefer to start a dialogue with you and hear more about your plans. I’ll be completely honest and say that I prefer to get to know you a little before I commit to creating your film. You have to be happy with me, and I need to feel like I understand you and connect with you.

As my films take so long to edit, I only take on a strict number of weddings each year, and I always fill my diary, so I prefer to figure out if we’re right for eachother before committing.